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Siemens eCharger


No more hassle of changing batteries. Consider a hearing aid recharger for select hearing aids.

Assistive Listening Devices

  • Assistive listening devices (ALDs) make hearing aids more flexible by helping you separate the sounds you want to hear from the sounds you don’t want to hear. Everyone’s needs are different and an individual recommendation will be made based on your communication needs.
  • Telephones with volume controls designed for individuals with hearing loss make talking to your loved ones easier.
  • Wireless systems allow comfortable listening for you and everyone else in the room.
  • Allow Bluetooth compatible cell phones , televisions or computers to  stream the speech signal directly to your hearing aids for optimal benefit.
  • Devices that provide visual signals and tactile signals for moderate to profoundly hearing impaired individuals. Indicate presence of a doorbell, fire alarm, telephone, and alarm clock.
  • FM systems are devices that transmit the sound you want to hear from a speaker some distance away. Each of these systems has options for use in small, personal/home use, or large area amplification, like a theatre.

There are some situations that may be problematic such as listening in groups, hearing in noisy backgrounds, hearing a speaker who is more than a few feet away and hearing in poor acoustical environments. In these situations, turning up the volume on your hearing aid can result in turning up the background noise that you do not want to hear. One of the easiest ways to hear better in these situations is to use an assistive listening device in conjunction with your hearing aids.